About us

Established in 2009, Adivo Property Services has a clearly defined and agreed strategy of not growing beyond the UK Borders. We believe in providing our clients a personalised service based on our deep knowledge and unfettered access to the market that we specialise in.

Our growth is driven and measured by our depth of knowledge and not breadth of market. Hence we have always deliberately focussed on the UK market only. Our loyalty to our market continues to pay dividends to us and our clients.

Clearly there are opportunities in many other geographical locations but we will be the first to tell you that there are people better than us to serve you abroad – just as others will tell you that we are your best partners for the UK market.

Whether it is a £100 million pound office building or a logistics warehouse that you wish to add to your stable yield portfolio or a flat in Central London or Estate in Surrey as part of your Capital Growth and long term family plans – Adivo Property Services will work with to find you what is right for your needs.

Our clients are International Institutions as well as International Individual Investors who understand the complexity of the UK market and value local insight and expertise in the selection, due diligence, structuring and execution of investment strategies.

We appreciate that you may have particular ethical criteria as well as commercial requirements such as delivering a Shari’ah compliant solution or one with social or environmental impact in mind. Understanding your requirements is of the paramount importance to us as experience has shown us that regardless of financial returns, investors don’t move on a deal until they are not 100% sure that they can live with the transaction morally.

We have well established partnerships with some of the UK’s leading tax and legal specialists as well as lenders who understand the complexities of foreign investment into the UK and can always give you bespoke solutions to your individual circumstances and needs.

We don’t believe in cutting corners and invest whatever time and effort is required to make sure that you have a stress free and successful investment into the UK.

Once the investment is made and the asset is safely added to your Portfolio, we work with you to understand how we can serve you further with your Property Management needs if any.

Simply put, our goal is to eliminate the complexities and stresses that come with a transaction and give you a single point of contact to speak with at any time of the day or night to get an accurate and succinct update on your investment status.