Exiting an Investment

One of the most important element of a good transaction is to have a clear exit plan. Without a defined exit strategy, an investor will not know when their goals have been achieved and when it is time to review their portfolio to align with their overall objectives.

From the onset of any deal, we work with our clients to understand their objectives from the investment and agree an exit strategy. We never expect it to be set in stone as many factors can alter the strategy during the term of ownership, but with a strategy at least there is always a baseline from which one can review and amend.

Many clients after 5-7 years of ownership look to exit the investment by selling the asset, others look to re-negotiate more favourable terms on their lease based on market environment, some look to invest in their asset through refurbishment and improve on their overall yield by raising rents. Regardless of what you decide to do, Adivo is fully equipped and staffed to help you with all the above and more.

Many of our clients will tell you that when signing up to a deal there will be many who are willing to support you but it can be lonely at times of exiting a deal. This is certainly not the experience our clients have had with us and you will find us just as enthusiastic and engaged when exiting a transaction as we are when entering one.