Investment Process

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Whilst we are always happy and willing to support our clients with their investments in residential properties, our core expertise lies in the sourcing and structuring of Commercial Real Estate Transactions across the Office, Retail and Warehouse sector. One of the key reasons why many choose to invest in the UK market is due to the long term stability and transparency the investment offers. However, that is not to say that timing and thorough due diligence is not essential to such a deal.

Sourcing, structuring, purchasing and managing a Real Estate investment in the UK is no different to any other Project and requires a strong Project Management methodology as well as a variety of expertise to make sure that the Project is delivered on time and budget fulfilling the Proponents Investment needs.

Regardless of deal size, we always ensure we follow our strict and thorough Investment Process:


This aspect of the Investment Process in our opinion is the most important to ensuring the success of the deal. There is no shortage of deals on the market – the shortage is of good deals. Our research team ensures that we do our homework so that you don’t have to look at the bad deals at your time and expense.

We have our own in-house experts as well as using a number of external specialists who constantly track the market and fundamentals which anticipate property prices and ultimately give you the return that you seek from your Investment.

Changing tax regulations, regulatory requirements and tenancy legislations means that you need a partner that stays on top of all this for you so that your investment continues to remain best in class for its tenure with you and more importantly at time of exit.

Stock Selection:

At least 3 deals pass our desk every week, yet we only do about a dozen transactions a year. It’s not to say the other deals don’t get done – they do - but we make sure our clients only see the absolute best deals in the market. We understand that is exactly why you choose to work with us.

Other than your needs as an investor, so much needs to be considered when analysing a deal – market conditions, local geographic dynamics, changing regulations, physical condition of the asset, quality of tenant and so on. Our job is to scrutinise every deal that lands on our desk to ensure that we are prepared to put our name to it. Until we don’t believe that we would be prepared to put our money on the deal, we don’t bring it to you.

Every deal has to pass our strict test of long term capital and income growth before we decide to share it with you.

Property Management:

For many of the others, the deal ends with the completion of the purchase transaction. Not for us. Most of our clients tend to choose to continue with us to manage and dispose of their asset.

Real Estate like every other asset class needs to be continually appraised to ensure its meeting its investment objectives and working well in the overall portfolio of the investor. Rent collection, re-negotiation of leases, new tenants, facility maintenance and much more falls within our Property Management remit. And, when it is time to exit the investment, once again we are there to manage the process for you whether to a third party sale or to one of our existing customers.

Our goal with this service is simple – zero stress to our investor with maximum return on their investment. A simple KPI to track and one that all our customers confirm we excel at.