Meet our CEO

Aamir Aka is the Founder and CEO of Adivo Property Services.

A career  Management Consultant, Aamir started Adivo Property Services in 2009 after a number of his senior clients in the GCC would seek informal advice from him about investment into the UK Real estate market.

Aamir did his first Real Estate transaction in 2005 and was followed by a number of other transactions in the subsequent years. Its only when the informality became less apparent and clients not related to the Consulting business started to approach Aamir and his team for help did Aamir decide to formalise the business and establish Adivo Property Services.

Primarily the business started with a focus on residential investment but that changed quickly towards commercial transactions as larger investors approached Aamir to source and structure deals for them. Aamir hired the right experts within the Organisation in the UK and directed his energies in addition to his consulting business to managing investor relationships in the GCC. Now based between the UK and GCC, Aamir and his team undertake about a dozen deals in a year for their clients from all around the world and continue to add some phenomenal assets to their clients investment portfolios.

Message from our CEO:

Like many businesses, Adivo Property Services was born out of a realisation that there was a gap in the market which needed to be addressed. The number of friends and business associates who would speak with me about their desire to purchase Real Estate in the UK but were deterred by the challenges they faced in buying within the UK is what led to the formation of Adivo Property Services. It was apparent to me that there was a need for a Partner who had the local knowledge and presence to assist the investor gather the information required, help with the due diligence and manage all the formalities required to successfully close a transaction.

Our clients are hugely successful business leaders who live busy lives and don’t always have the time to invest their money in the right places due to the complexity of the transaction and the time required to execute such a deal. This is where Adivo Property Services helps. When I started this business I recall telling my friends and associates, don’t worry, we can make this a stress free transaction for you and that has continued to be our mantra to this very day. I know our clients be they individuals or institutions rely on us to bring the very best deals to them half cooked and ready for closure – and that is what we strive to bring to them every time.

Many of our customers see property as a way to diversify their portfolio and complement their holdings of bonds and shares in other (non-property) types of companies. They understand that long-term property investments tend to be less volatile than shares and bonds as they are bought and sold less frequently, can generate stable income streams from rent payments, and also offer the opportunity for capital returns. Hence, we never need to sell the idea to them. They come to us convinced and seek our help in the sourcing and execution of their investment.

As a businessman with investments across a number of businesses, I appreciate the value of time. I appreciate the value of being able to focus on what I do and utilising experts to help me with what I don’t do or have the time to do. UK real estate is something that has interested me from a very young age and it’s a business I am most passionate about. On most deals I am personally involved with the clients not because that’s the right thing to do but because I am genuinely excited by the deal and want to be involved. I am always happy to speak with new potential investors and welcome a no obligation call to discuss the UK real estate market and its benefits with whoever that wishes to reach out and speak with me.