Our People

We appreciate the need for good people to make sure that we can serve our clients in the best way possible. Good people facilitate diligent research, deep analysis, clear communication and efficient execution.

This is exactly why at Adivo Property Services you will be served by a dedicated team of real estate specialists with decades of experience between them. In addition we utilise the very best freelance specialists on an as needed basis as well as partner with a number of leading law firms, tax specialists, planning and architectural consultants and lending institutions.

The idea is to ensure that you have access to the best minds in the industry who not only help you to make the right decision on your investment but also guide and assist you each step of the way making sure you are not falling short of any regulatory or legal requirement.

In addition, we also have a dedicated team of Property Managers who are experienced in both Commercial and Residential Property Management to assist you manage your asset with a best in class approach.

Each of our team members is renumerated on a performance basis to ensure that everyone is motivated to be fully aligned with the investors objectives and successful outcome.