Responsible Investment

Regardless of the returns one can make on an investment, in our experience it never feels right until and unless it is guided by and aligned with the values we wish to live by. We are strong believers of this at Adivo and take as much care to understand and respect your values as we do our own.

Religious, social, environmental or corporate governance are all as equally important to us and we always ensure that we understand what matters to our clients before we recommend any investments to them.

Similarly we have our own values and try to live by them when doing business with our clients. We avoid acquiring properties where:

Environmental issues have occurred or are likely to do as a result of the tenants activities.
Tenant activities can seem anti-social which may require government or local authority intervention at some stage.
The level of transparency in the transaction is not to our satisfaction.

Equally, we are more encouraged by investments that:

Are deemed to be in the social interest such as hospitals, safe student accommodation or higher standard care homes.
Meet or exceed outstanding energy efficiency certification.
Have in place tenants of a high quality with whom we believe we can maintain a close and strong level of communication.

And when we do our deals, it is important to us that:

All involved in the transaction are aligned with the investors objectives and are remunerated wherever possible on performance.
Where and when our investors feel that we should be co-investors in a deal then we do our level best to do so.
Partnership agreements are in place to avoid any misunderstandings or confusion.