Types of Deals

There are 5 types of deals that we undertake on behalf of our clients at Adivo Property Services subject to their investment strategy and goals:

Investor approaches us with their requirements and once that is clearly defined and agreed, Adivo goes to market and finds the right deal for the investor and presents to them for consideration.
The deal is brought to us and we consider it to be a good investment opportunity and present to our existing client base for consideration.
Client requests a unmodernised residential investment for our sister company Adivo Homes to refurbish and then subsequently let or sell.
Client requests a land purchase with existing planning permission to build new homes and flats. Houses/flats are subsequently developed on this land by Adivo Homes as per planning and are either sold or let by the investor.
Client requests a purpose built family home for holiday use which is managed by Adivo Homes in their absence, used by the family in the holidays and subsequently sold in the future when the gains justify a sale.

Our goal is to understand your medium to long term needs and strategy so that we can bespoke the right service for you.

Property investment is always a long term strategy and it is always our goal that you get the deal which serves both your financial and personal interests in the best way.

You are welcome to contact us at any time for a no obligation discussion on the above options.